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Loan amount: 5 000

Monthly fee: 0

Amortisation5003 000
Total5903 540

Loan term: 6 months. No interest applies. There is no fee for origination, for pre-payment, or for electronic invoices. You are charged a fixed fee for each initiated month since taking the loan, but you may pay back the remainder of the loan at any time, and save money. The above example is an estimate; the actual fee is based on an individual scoring of your company.

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Small business loans and business credits

Qred small business loans offer loans and credits to Finnish small and medium-sized enterprises. It is easy to apply for our business loans and we do not require collateral in physical property or other security such as inventory or receivables. Typically our customers borrow to finance new investments, or for working capital in their daily business operations.

Business loan interest and cost

Our online credits for Finnish companies are very popular as we do not charge interest, activation fees, or early repayment fees, nor do we require lengthy commitment periods. Instead, you only pay for the time you use the loan.

Repayment of the loans occurs via 6 – 12 equal installments. The loans carry no interest. For each month started you pay a fixed, monthly fee. You can pre-pay the remaining principal at any time, thereby saving the remaining scheduled monthly fees.

Business line of credit

Lines of credit are very useful for small companies that have an unpredictable cash flow. With a pre-approved line of credit, your company is better positioned to handle temporary liquidity issues. While our offering is not technically a line of credit, Qred’s business loans fit the bill for a large number of our professional customers: the process is fast and straight-forward, and you can pay back the loan whenever it suits your needs, and thus save money.

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