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Right now: 1 000 kr commission per brokered loan

We are proud to cooperate with a broad range of businesses that provide B2B services and products to small businesses. Our ambition is to help you increase the value you provide to your clients, and help your clients in turn reach their goals. Our track record and flexibility often makes it possible for us to create a valued partnership with financing solutions that are tailored to your needs and those of your customers.

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Company brokers and intermediaries

Retailers and suppliers

Accounting and auditing firms

Business advisers and consultants

Debt collection, credit and finance companies

Programming and IT providers

How it works

1. Register your business

Provide these details and send - we promise we'll get back quickly with an answer on how to proceed!

2. Start sending leads

It's easy and smooth to send in potential new customers. We promise to treat your contacts with professionalism, courtesy, and fairly.

3. Get paid directly

For every lead you provide that takes a loan you'll get a commission. We guarantee fast payment!

Become a partner