Small business loans made simple

  • No start fee
  • No hidden fees
  • No lock-in period

1. Apply in 1 minute

Fast and easy to apply. It's free and non-binding.

2. Offer within an hour

After applying, we will get in touch within an hour and you'll have an offer via e-mail and SMS. Use bankID to accept our offer.

3. Same day payout

When you've accepted our offer, we will pay out your funds the same day.

My business loan

Desired amount


Loan period

Monthly fee

SEK 1,660

Monthly amortisation

SEK 8,333

Total to pay

SEK 119,920*

*This is an example monthly fee. Pricing is determined by the Qred Score Algorithm. You are only required to pay for the months you actually keep the loan.

What is an everyday hero?

4 out of 5 jobs are created by small business entrepreneurs - you are our everyday heroes!


We love small businesses - get in touch and let us know how we can help you and your company.

020-150 333  07.00-17.30 (mon-fri)

You can count on us

FI - The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority

Qred AB is registered with The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.


We use BankID for fast and safe identification.


Företagarna, The Swedish Federation of Business Owners.


The Small Businesses' National Association is a nationwide interest organization that works to promote small business in Sweden.

What does it take to qualify?
All limited liability business, partnerships, sole proprietorships / traders, and more can apply and be approved a loan. It can be a proud, old business, or a brand new startup, large or small. We work with businesses in virtually every industry, from north to south - even businesses with a checkered credit history can qualify. We evaluate each business individually - the key for us is that there is a solid business idea and qualified business owners behind the company.
What does it cost?
Each month you'll paid a fixed service charge. There are no other fees. No startup or origination fee, no interest, no invoice charge, and no other strange, mysterious costs. And of course you only pay for the months you have the loan - no lock-in period! The monthly fee is individually set and varies based on your company's qred-score. Applying is easy and free, and you can get an indication of what you could borrow within minutes.
How long does it take?
1 minute is all it takes to apply, and it's free and non-binding. Within an hour or less you can expect an answer via e-mail and SMS; you accept our offer via BankID, after which your loan is paid out to your account the same day.