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4 out of 5 jobs are created by small business owners, and because of this SMEs form the backbone of our economic welfare and security. For us, business founders and owners are everyday heroes that deserve respect and the possibility to realise their dreams. Qred is specialised in small business loans, and has made it simple, safe and fast for small business founders to grow with convenient and flexible financing.

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How Qred came to be

The story of the small-business entrepreneur

Once upon a time, a relatively young and hopeful entrepreneur started a small business. Everything was fresh, exciting and a bit unfamiliar. The first thing that needed to be done was to obtain a bank certificate stating that the founder’s hard-earned and saved start-up equity capital had been deposited. With pride, the entrepreneur went to the nearest bank to announce that he wanted to open an account for his new business and deposit one hundred thousand kroner into his account.
He enthusiastically described his plans to the inscrutable bank clerk, who asked, “but why have you chosen to come to our bank?” The entrepreneur was taken aback, since this bank had received the prestigious “Best Swedish Commercial Bank” award, but he calmly replied because it seemed like a good business bank. After 15 minutes, the entrepreneur was informed that the bank did not believe in his idea and that the bank therefore rejected his customer application.
The entrepreneur felt like he had been doused with a bucket of freezing water. He thought, “how is this possible?” He didn’t want to borrow money, he just wanted to open an account and make a deposit. He started to doubt himself; what if the the banker was right - that he

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